House reform in Buñol (Valencia)

Interior design intervention in 2021 in a house from 1950

The objective of the project, in line with the client’s wishes, was is to unify the living-dining room space of the house with the beautiful and spacious terrace with amazing views.

The continuity of spaces between interior and exterior has been achieved with a continuous stone finish pavement of porcelain tile as well as opening the entire facade with a large black lacquered aluminum window. We have offered  a small modernist gesture in its partition.

In the interior, we treated the dividing wall generating niches which contain the fireplace and a storage space based on horizontal divisions, giving a nice decorative element to the living room.

The shelves are made with 8 cm solid oak slatted planks embedded in the niche.

It is also worth mentioning the adaptation of the false ceiling in the dining room to expose the wooden beams that were hidden in a renovation in the 80s, thus allowing to create a clear dialogue between the original work and the new modifications adapted to the current needs of Contemporary life.

The electrical installations has been updated using Fontini porcelain plugs and switches  inspired by models from the 1950s.

The aim of the Project has been to create a space of large dimensions and distant horizons with a warm and modern character but always respecting the dignity of the old work that we venerate as required by its nobility and condition.

The preexisting spaces and suggestive views, along with the fluid conversations with the clients during the decision making process, all facilitated the desire result.



Project: miniArquitectura

Construction: Valentia Aedifica

Photography: Milena Villalba